This is an announcement that we have started selling KH Series Socket Adapter for MODEL 400/400e+ series and MODEL 500 series programmers. (We are going to start to accept orders from upcoming June).

In using control software of Programmer:
Counter Function of KH Series are

  1. Management of number of using times of Socket Adapters
  2. Management of PASS frequency
  3. Management of FAIL frequency KH Series are the Socket Adapter added the function of managing (1)(2)(3) easily. For the details, please click here. KH Series.pdf

With the release of the adapters loaded with the counter function, the following current adapter models will be discountinued by the end of September, 2016.(H35OT-1720D,H35OT-1914E,H05OT-2306C,H35OT-970D,H06OT-2258,H05OT-2004C)

For the details, please contact the following number, Email or our sales staff.

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