PH-M100(Full Automatic)

PH-M Series

The 16 socket write-in full automatic programming system which carries two high-speed gang programmers MODEL408PH.

PH-M100 is 8 socket x 2 site and a total of 16 socket write-in full automatic programming system which carry two gang programmer MODEL408PH (eight-piece writing). By the unification design of MODEL408PH and PH-M100, an operation panel to all the operations are possible.

Special Features

    • MODEL408PH

      High speed Gang programmer 2sets of "MODEL408PH" auto programming system. This programming system is suitable for various devices from flash memory to high density new devices eMMC・eSD・GB-NAND・MoviNAND・i-NAND and so on.

    • Auto teaching

      High-performance CCD camera makes it easy for automatic fine tuning. Position of each device is corrected during automatic operation to ensure that the chip can be correctly inserted into the socket.

    • Tray Configuration

      Available for stacking 20 JEDEC trays Available for continuous running of 20 trays maximally.

    • Simple Marking Function

      A combination of dot marks, letters and numerals is available. (The number of words depends on size of the device)

    • Operating Screen

      Program data, coordinate data and identification data are managed by batch into the task data. Japanese, English and Chinese are available in the software. Bar code is also available.


Programmer MODEL408PH ×2sets
Buffer memory Standard 256Gbit
Target devices eMMC・eSD・GB-NAND・MoviNAND・i-NAND・NAND・OneNAND・Flash Micro controller・NOR・etc
Log file Text-format for each lot.
Socket Open top
Carrying mechanism X,Y,Z,θ axes use highly accurate steeper motors and timing belt drives.
X,Y resolution : 6μm/pulse
Z resolution : 30μm/pulse
θ resolution : 0.18°/pulse
UPH 900[UPH] (UPH:Unit per Hour)
Base model PH-M100 is configured manually

X-Y,θ is trained using a remote teach original and provided JIG.
Z Coordinate :Auto teaching
Vision assisted teaching original software is available

Display inspection Device position is corrected by CCD camera
Interface Tray(standard)/Tube(Option ・under development)/Tape(Option・under development)
JEDEC tray (Size : 315.8mm×135.8mm *it is neccessary for Tray “Center Vacuum Pickup Site”)
Input 20 pieces, Output 20 pieces
Marking(Optional) Shachihata TAT Ink
Dot marking, Character marking
Control OS Windows(R) 7
User interface Color LCD Panel, Key board, Touch panel(option)
Network Ethernet
Work switchover time 10 minutes or less
Air 0.4Mpa-0.5Mpa 50l/min ※Clean & dry air
Power Supply ACIN :AC100V/ AC220V 50/60Hz 200VA
Size (D)1000x(W)965x(H)1500(mm) ※LCD display not included
Weight About 400Kg
  1. Minato Holdings Inc.
  2. SanMax Technologies Inc.
  3. EIT Co., Ltd.
  4. Japan Joint Solutions Co.,Ltd.
  5. Minato Financial Partners Inc.