Semi Automatic Socket Open/Close Jig

Since the number of pins are increasing for high density device, more pressure is required to release the socket. Are you looking for any solution? MPJ-160 is a socket open/close jig that can be set on MODEL1940, MODEL1950, MODEL416.

Special Features

  1. Targeted Programmer

    If you already have a MODEL1940, MODEL1950, MODEL416 gang programmer, MPJ-160 can offer semi automatic operatoin of opening/closing socket at a time.

  2. Targeted socket

    Basically all open top type socket is targeted.

  3. Smooth and Easy Set Up Change

    Set up can be changed for another sets of socket adaptors with 5 min.

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  2. SanMax Technologies Inc.
  3. EIT Co., Ltd.
  4. Japan Joint Solutions Co.,Ltd.
  5. Minato Financial Partners Inc.