Adaptors for Renesas Microcontrollers

Special microcontroller designed to support various package of Renesas F-ZTAT microcontroller. The design of Minato branded socket adaptors are custom made targeted for Renesas F-ZTAT microcontrollers.


H8S/2300 Series
  • ME2368ESHF1H,V

    HD64F2368F Adpator for FP-128B

  • ME2398ESNF1H,V

    HD64F2398TE Adaptors for TFP-120

H8/300H Tiny Series
  • ME3664ESSF1H,V

    HD64F3664BP Adaptors for DP-42S

  • ME36024ESEG1H,V

    HD64F36014FP Adaptors for FP-64E

SuperH TM RISC engine family
  • ME7144ESHF1H,V

    HD64F7144F Adaptors for FP-112B

  • ME7058ESNF1H,V

    HD64F7058F Adaptors for FP-256A

The last one digit of part # is either V or H that depends on the model name of the device programmer. V is applicable for Model 1940 and 1895.

Programmers supporting F-ZTAT MCU

  • MODEL1881UXP
  • MODEL1893
  • MODEL1894
  • MODEL1896
  • MODEL1931
  • MODEL1940
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  2. SanMax Technologies Inc.
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  4. Japan Joint Solutions Co.,Ltd.
  5. Minato Financial Partners Inc.