Gang Programmer Model 1896 Discontinued product

Realized to program 8 microcomputer chips of various manufacturer simultaneously.

Gang programmer with standard 1Gbit memory.

For each model

Model Built-in Socket Standard buffer memory
Model 1896 8 1Gbit

Model 1896 is 8 site a gang programmer with standard 1Gbit memory. Based on the architecture of the best seller M1895.

Special Features

  1. Universal Socket Unit

    SU816 is a universal socket unit that is capable of handling IC supported by SU16-48D and SU08-42D socket unit of Model 1895. Model 1896 can program 8 pieces of Microcontrollers simultaneously.

  2. Targeted Device for Programming

    Model 1896 is supporting various programmable memories such (NOR, NAND type), EPROM, flash embeded one chip microcontroller.

  3. Data Transfer

    Utilizing USB interface, fast data transfer can be accomplished by optional remote control software XPROM.

    • Optional socket unit SU16-42D is required to program 16bit JEDEC device such as 27C1024, 2048, 4096.

Socket unit SU816 (standard 4 socket unit)

DIP42 pin socket 8 bit JEDEC DIP assignment
Targeting device: 8 bit EPROM, Flash ROM, One Chip Micro Controller, etc
DIP48 pin socket 16 bit EIAJ DIP assignment
Targeting device: 16 bit EPROM, Flash ROM, etc

To program 16 bit JEDEC DIP assignment EPROM, optional socket unit SU16-42D is required.

To program special package such as BGA, QFP, optional conversion adaptor is required.

For detail, please refer to Device Code List.


Programming Target EPROM, EEPROM, Flash ROM, One chip microcontroller
Memory Size Standard: 1G bit
The number of simultaneous programming Max. number of simultaneous programming 8 pieces (standard 4 socket unit)
Operating Mode COPY: Copy data from flash ROM to the buffer memory of the programmer.
BLANK: Blank check of flash ROM
PROGRAM: Program and verify data
VERIFY: Verify data in flash ROM and the buffer memory of the programmer
CONT: Continuous operation of BLANK+PROGARM+VERIFY
ERASE: Erase data in flash ROM
SET PROGRAM: Simultaneous programming of different data, divided data programming in 16 bits, divided data programming in 32 bit
Data Input USB, RS232-C, Copy from master ROM
Interface USB, RS232-C
Display 20 x 4 (characters), LCD
Power Supply From 100 to 240V(automatic change), 50 – 66Hz
Measurement 380(W)x100(H)x400(D)mm
Weight 5kg(6.5kg with socket unit)
Power Consumption 30VA(Max.)
Recommended Temperature
  1. Minato Holdings Inc.
  2. SanMax Technologies Inc.
  3. EIT Co., Ltd.
  4. Japan Joint Solutions Co.,Ltd.
  5. Minato Financial Partners Inc.