Gang Programmer MODEL308

Excellent cost performance

Gang programmer that can program 8 MCUs simultaneously and has excellent cost performance

About each model

Model name Simultaneous IC programming number memory capacity
MODEL308 8pieces Standard 64GB
  • Standard buffer memory 512Gbit
  • Shorter programming time of Micon than MODEL 1896 of current model
  • Significantly reduced programming time of Serial Flash Memory
  • Achieved price reduction by sharing parts with other models
  • Operational software(GUI) with good operating property
  • Socket adapter for 5V is individually available


  1. MCU programming speeds up
    MCU (uPD70F3336GC) programming (P + V) performance comparison (unit: seconds)

    *Programming time is affected by the IC and the usage environment.

  2. Shorter programming speed of serial flash memory
    "The figure shows the serial flash memory programming (P+V) Performance comparison (unit:second) "
  3. LOT management with operation software is possible. You can easily manipulate the programming files.
    • By using the universal control program 300 of operation software, various information management such as LOT management, becomes easy.
    • It has a function to manage target IC code and various settings together with user's master data (Project file function).

Product Specifications

IC programming target 1.2V-3.3V flash memory
NOR, Serial-ROM, NAND, various other NAND, SPINAND, eMMC, eSD Memory cards such as MCU with built-in flash, SD memory cards, CF cards, etc.
*5.0V EPROM, flash memory, microcomputer with built-in flash
Buffer memory capacity(Powered by SSD) Standard 64GB (512Gbit ~)
Number of simultaneous IC programming Maximum 8 sites
Socket unit 16bit EIAJ DIP socket unit: Supports 1.2 to 3.3V flash memory, etc. (2 included)
Supported OS Windows PC (Supported OS: 7/8 / 8.1 / 10 (64bit))
(A PC is required for control to use this product.)
Data format No format (Binary format), INTEL HEX, Motorola_S
Function Select: Select IC device
Config: Preferences
Load: Load data file
Save: Save data file
Load Prj: Load project file data
Save Prj: Save project file data
Edit: Edit buffer memory data
Copy: Copy from master IC to buffer memory
Blank: PROM data erasure check
Prog: Data programming to PROM
Verify: Comparison of PROM data and buffer memory data
Erase: PROM data erasure
External interface USB2.0
Power supply voltage / Frequency 100V〜240V / 50-60Hz
External dimensions / Weight 380 (W) x390 (D) x120 (H) / approx 9.0kg (including socket unit)
Power consumption 200VA (maximum)
Operating temperature, humidity range 5 to 35 ° C
20-80% (no condensation)
  1. Minato Holdings Inc.
  2. SanMax Technologies Inc.
  3. EIT Co., Ltd.
  4. Japan Joint Solutions Co.,Ltd.
  5. Minato Financial Partners Inc.