ROM Programming Service

ROM Programming service with high technical capacity and flexible response is provided by device programmer manufacturers.

Minato Holdings Inc. provides ROM programming service with own brand equipments such as device programmers, sockets adaptors, automatic programming systems. Our engineers and skilled management and operation staffs maintains high level of quality standard for ROM programming service.

Special Features

  1. Various IC Support

    We support various memories and microcontrollers. Our flexible programming service team provides service from very small lot to high volume according to your needs.

  2. Up-to-date Device Support

    Minato being the developer and manufacture of device programmers can immidiately support the latest device. Custom-made algorithm and software can be created according to your request.

  3. High Quality

    High quality programming service is offered by taking advantage of the development know-how that is accumulated by the feed-back from the filed and the device suppliers.

Production Enviromant & Equipments

Production Enviroment
WORKROOMS Electrostatic Provision, Temperature and Humidity Control, Security Lock, Eternal Temperature and Humidity Storage.
OPERATOR Electrostatic Provision Workwear, Conductive Shoes, Foot Checker, Wristband.
Production Equipments
Programmer M1950/M1940/M1931/M1895/M1894/M1882/M1881XP
Auto Handler AH783
Other Various Socket Adatpors
Thermo-Hygrostat Cabinet
Laser Marker
Label Printer
Inking Dot Marker
Baking Oven
Vaccum Packing Machine

Content of Service

  1. Inquiry
    • IC parts #, Contents of Marking, Baking Condition, Other Spec., Delivery must be informed
  2. Order
    • Please fill in order form. Then we will send a quotation with lead time inf.
  3. In
    • Master ROM/data check, check the part #, qty, package(leads) of In coming IC.
  4. Programming
    • Read the master ROM, check the value of sum, Check the spec. (protect, address, serial #, etc)
  5. Baking
    • 125°C 24 hours
  6. Verify
    • Master ROM read, Verify all the programmed ROM once again.
  7. Outer check
    • Overview check of leads, package, marking.
  8. Vaccum packing
    • moisture prevention, vaccum packing.
  9. Shipment

Inquiry form & Contact

  1. Inquiry

    Please download ROM programming inquiry form and fill it in.
    Then please send it via fax to the following number or send it via e-mail.
    This service is avaialble in Japan, Taiwan and in China.
    FAX: +81-45-592-2854
    Download:Inquiry Form(Japanese)

  2. Contact
    International Section TEL: +81-45-592-5549
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  5. Minato Financial Partners Inc.