Eco activities

We are participating in the "eyecity eco project" From August 2018. "eyecity eco project" is empty case recycling campaign for disposable contact lenses.

On the project page of eyecity.
It was also introduced as an introduction example of participating companies.

What is the eyecity eco project?

Empty cases for disposable contact lenses are available from all manufacturers.All made of polypropylene, it is very suitable for recycling.

By collecting this empty case, we aim to contribute to three social contributions. This is a recycling activity carried out by Contact Eye City (HOYA Corporation).

1. Environmental protection by recycling empty cases
2. Independence and employment support for people with disabilities
3. Donation to the Japan Eye Bank Association


The ROM Writing Service Department(DPS Group) acquired ISO 9001:2008 certification in December, 2010.

Environmental activities

Since acquiring ISO14001 in 2004, Minato Advanced Technologies Co., Ltd. has operated an environmental management system and has continued to certify it on a regular basis. We have decided that we can operate it voluntarily because it has been sufficiently established and the effects of our efforts have improved, and we have made a "self-declaration" that it complies with the ISO14001 standard.

In addition to the operation of ISO9001, we will continue to maintain and operate the environmental management system in order to further improve customer satisfaction.

Environmental Management System
Self-Compatibility Declaration

  1. Issue number
  2. Organization name
    Minato Advanced Technologies Inc.
  3. Location
    4105 Minamiyamatacho, Tsuzuki-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa
  4. Applicable standards
    Environmental management system ISO14001:2015
  5. Scope of application
    Minato Advanced Technologies Inc.
  6. Date of issue
    March 19, 2019
  7. Responsibility for conformity
    quality management Office
  8. Conformity assessment
    Internal audit

Environmental policy

Basic policy

Minato Advanced Technologies Inc. contributes to society through the manufacture and sale of electronic devices and IT services, and at the same time, passing on the "irreplaceable global environment" to the future in a healthy state is the most important item of management policy. As one, we will contribute to the conservation of resources and the prevention of environmental pollution in our business activities, and strive to maintain and improve the environment.

Behavioral guidelines

  1. We will comply with environmental laws and regulations applicable to us and other requirements agreed upon by us.
  2. In our business activities, we will strive to prevent continuous environmental pollution to the extent technically and economically possible.
  3. We will set environmental objectives and targets, establish a review framework, promote environmental management activities, and strive for continuous improvement of the environmental management system.
  4. Strive for energy saving and resource saving.
  5. Strive to develop products that reduce the environmental burden.
  6. The environmental policy will be distributed to all members and made known.
  7. This environmental policy is open to the public.
Minato Advanced Technologies Inc.
President, Representative Director
Hitoshi Aizawa