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Gang Programmer MODEL500 Series

It is a 4 sites, 8 sites, and 16 sites Gang Programmer equipped with a standard 1024 Gbit buffer memory and a serial ATA compatible interface, while improving the operating speed by reviewing the internal configuration of the programmer.


Gang Programmer MODEL400e+ Series

Haveing the highest programming speed in the industry approximate to device capacity value and providing high-speed programming for highdensity devices Standard 256Gbit(32GByte) buffer memory available for Gbyte-level devices.


Gang Programmer MODEL308

As a successor model to MODEL 1896, the programming time of MCU and flash memory can be shortened. It is also a Gang Programmer that also supports programming on traditional 5V devices.


Universal programmer MODEL 1883

It has small saiz and can realize high-speed programming of high density devices.


This model will be discontinued when all the stock has gone.

Gang Programmer MODEL 1950

MODEL1950 is mounted with newly developed MPGengine to realize ultra high-speed verifying of flash memories as well as high-speed programming and deleting based on device characteristics.


Discontinued product

Serial-Flash Programmer MS-01

To adapt to the increasing demand for serial NOR flash memories in recent years, this Programmer realizes the highest programming speed. It is simple in operation, low in price and a special, professional programmer applicable to programming of one chip.


Gang Programmer MODEL 1896

This programmer is equipped with standard 1Gbit buffer memory available for simultaneously programming of 8 chips.


Device Programmer MODEL 1895/2

MODEL1895-based gang programmer which is availabie to program 2 chips simultaneously.


Device Programmer