PRODUCT & SERVICE Device Programmer

Gang Programmer MODEL 500 series

Next-generation model equipped with new functions.

An ultra-fast gang programmer with a Serial ATA compatible interface and USB 3.0.

About each model

MODEL nameNumber of simultaneous IC programmingMemory capacity (with SSD)Mountable auto handler
MODEL504 4 pcs Standard 128GB
(From 1024Gbit)
MODEL508 8 pcs Standard 128GB
(From 1024Gbit)
PH series
MODEL516 16 pieces Standard 128GB
(From 1024Gbit)
  • By reviewing the internal configuration of the programmer, the operating speed has been increased.
  • Standard buffer memory 1024Gbit (SSD:128GB)
  • Supports next-generation serial IC devices by installing a serial ATA compatible interface.
  • With USB3.0 support, data transfer time is significantly reduced.
  • Widely supports 1.2V to 5.0V IC devices (5V IC devices can be supported with a dedicated socket adapter).
  • Uses operation software with excellent operability.
  • Supports concurrent method and auto start function (concurrent method can be used with MODEL 508 and 516).


The IC programming speed of eMMC and NAND has dramatically increased.


*Programming time is affected by the IC and the usage environment.

A large capacity 128GB (1024Gbit) SSD (Solid State Drive) is installed as standard in the buffer memory.

As the buffer memory of our device programmer, SSD (128GB) is installed as standard for the first time, so it is possible to support large capacity eMMC and NAND IC device (It can be replaced with a larger capacity SSD as an option).

Compatible with next-generation serial IC devices.

In addition to the socket adapter unit, it is equipped with a connector that supports the Serial ATA interface, so it can be used with next-generation serial IC devices in combination with a dedicated socket adapter.

シリアルATA 対応コネクタ

Transfer speed is greatly increased by supporting USB3.0


*The transfer speed is affected by the performance of your computer.

Compatible with a wide range of IC devices by replacing the socket unit

By exchanging the socket unit, it supports a wide range from 1.2V to 3.3V IC devices to 5V IC devices. (A dedicated socket adapter can be used for 5V IC devices.)

M500-21A: 16-bit Flash ROM (1.2 to 3.3V compatible)
8 pieces are included as standard

4-socket unit SUeMMC-500 (optional) compatible with various eMMC

SUeMMC-500 is able to program 32 pcs of eMMC simultaneously. (Socket 4pcs × Socket unit 8pcs)
Available with various packages by replacing the socket. In addition, the socket is compatible use with MODEL400 series SUeMMC-400.

Quadruple socket unit

Available socket (Maximum)
Maximum number of socket
MODEL504 4 pcs 8 pcs
MODEL508 8 pcs 16 pcs
MODEL516 16 pcs 32 pcs

When 8 pieces are installed (32 pieces can be programmed at the same time)

Socket unit
M500-21A (standard product) + socket adapter SUeMMC-500
eMMC device
Maximum number of simultaneous IC programming
16 pcs 32 pcs

Easily operate IC device settings and file creation with operation software.

  • By adopting Universal Control Program 500 as operation software, you can easily set LOT management, partition change such as eMMC and NAND, and various information management such as bad block.
  • It supports the function to automatically detect and rearrange only the data part from the user data (Data scan function).
  • It supports the function to manage the code and various settings of the target IC device together with the user data (Project file creation function).

Universal Control Program 500

Supports concurrent method and auto start function

Since the [Concurrent IC programming method] supported from the MODEL 400 series is also supported, IC programming is started at the IC device mounting stage for each unit (2 sockets), and the programming time is set by the independent programming operation for each unit. Achieved a significant reduction in the cycle.

With the auto start function, the programmer automatically starts IC programming just by installing an IC for each unit, which greatly improves work efficiency.

Product Specifications

Target programming IC 1.2V-3.3V flash memory
NOR, Serial-ROM, NAND, various other NAND, SPINAND, eMMC, eSD
Memory cards such as MCU with built-in flash, SD memory cards, CF cards, etc.
5.0V EPROM, flash memory, microcomputer with built-in flash
Memory capacity (SSD) Standard 128GB (1024Gbit ~)
Number of simultaneous IC programming MODEL504: Maximum 4 MODEL508: Maximum 8 MODEL516: Maximum 16
Number of serial ATA compatible connectors installed MODEL504: 4 pieces MODEL508: 8 pieces MODEL516: 16 pieces
Concurrent compatible models MODEL508, MODEL516
Socket unit 16bit EIAJ DIP socket unit: Supports 1.2 to 3.3V flash memory, etc. (8 included)
Operating environment Windows PC(対応OS:7/8/8.1/10(64bit)/11(64bit))
Data format No format (Binary format), INTEL HEX, Motorola_S
Function Select: Select IC device
Config: Preferences
Load: Load data file
Save: Save data file
Load Prj: Load project file data
Save Prj: Save project file data
Edit: Edit buffer memory data
Copy: Copy from master IC to buffer memory
Blank: PROM data erasure check
Prog: Data programming to PROM
Verify: Comparison of PROM data and buffer memory data
Erase: PROM data erasure
External interface USB3.0
Power supply voltage / Frequency 100V~240V / 50-60Hz
External dimensions / Weight MODEL504: 235 (W) x240 (D) x130 (H) / approx. 3.5kg
(including socket unit)
MODEL508: 375 (W) x240 (D) x130 (H) / approx. 5.0kg
(including socket unit)
MODEL516: 375 (W) x380 (D) x130 (H) / approx. 9.5kg
(including socket unit)
Power consumption MODEL504: 100VA (maximum)
MODEL508: 200VA (maximum)
MODEL516: 400VA (maximum)
Operating temperature, humidity range 5 to 35 °C
20-80% (no condensation)

Device Programmer