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Universal Programmer MODEL 1883

Universal Programmer MODEL 1883

This universal programmer is applicable to a large variety of programmable devices on the market.

For each model

MODELBuilt-in SocketStandard buffer memory
MODEL 1883 1 1Gbit

MODEL1883 is a compact and fast single site programmer even for high density device that is designed to target massive types of programmable devices. MODEL1883 is practically identical with the MODEL1882 and difference is much higher programming speed (20-70%) of high-capacity memories, due to more powerful FPGA core.

Spacial Features


MODEL 1883 is small and compact.Start button is equipped on the programmer for repeat operation quickly and easily.

Targeted Device

More than 70,000 devices are supported including Flash ROM, logic device.

Conversion Adaptor

Various package is supported by conversion adapter.

Supporting OS

Windows PC(対応OS:7/8/8.1/10(64bit)/11(64bit))

Data Transfer

USB I/F is utilized for the connection between PC and programmer. (Parallel port is available as an option.) USB 2.0/1.1 is utilized as standard interface.

Programming Time

QB25F640S33 64M 31
K8P6415UQB 64M 13
K9F1G08U0M(NAND) 1G 123


Programming Target
Flash ROM, EPROM, EEPROM, One Chip Microcontroller, Logic Device
Targeting Package
  • Up to 48 pin DIP package (300/600mil).
  • Special conversion socket adapters are required for special package such as SOP,TSOP,QFP,BGA.
     *Conversion socket adapters are not compatible among M1883 and M1881/XP/UXP.
     *Some adapters for M1882 are not compatible.
Operating Mode
Load: Load master data file into memory of PC
Save: Save data in PC
Loadprj: Load Project file that consists of device part number, configuration setting, data file.
Saveprj: Save project file currently used.
Edit: Edit data in the buffer memory.
Select/def: Display set device and make a device selection once again.
Select: Select a device
Blank: Blank check
Read: Read data from master device and copy it to the memory of PC
Verify: Verify data in the device and the memory of PC.
Program: Program data in the memory into a device.
Erase: Erase data in Flash ROM, EEPROM
Min. Specification of PC
OS: Windows PC(対応OS:7/8/8.1/10(64bit)/11(64bit))
I/F: USB 2.0
Data Format
Binary format(no format), INTEL HEX, Motorola_S, MOS_Technology, Tektronix, ASCII_SPAE, JEDEC, POF
Power Consumption 100〜240V, 50〜60Hz
Measurement 140(W)x55(H)x195(D)mm
Weight 0.9kg(excluding adapter and code)
Power Supply 20W(during operation)
Recommended environments 20〜80%(no condensation)
Recommended Temperature 5〜40°C

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