May I know how to connect a gang programmer and PC ?

For data tarnsfer from PC to a gang programmer, please use remote control software XPROM.

For detail, please check with our authorized distributor or.
TEL: +81-45-592-5549
e-mail: int-support@minato.co.jp

After installing MODEL1881XP software, PC does not recoginize it.
"MODEL1881XP not found !" is displayed.

Please check the following points.

  1. Please check if the power of M1881XP is on.
  2. When "MODEL1881 not found !" is displayed, old MODEL1881 software may be running. Please close MODEL1881 software and run MODEL1881XP software.
  3. Please check the BIOS setting of parallel is EPP mode.

    Please check with the PC supplier for the BIOS setting.
    Example ) Keep pressing F1 or F2 when booting up PC to access to the BIOS setting.

    For M1881XP version V5.0 to V5.30, please set the BIOS of parallel port as EPP mode. For M1881XP version 5.30 or higher, please set the BIOS of parallel port as Bidrectional mode.

  4. Please check if the parallel port setting of MODEL1881XP software is LPT1 or not (default is Auto Search). Setting is located at "options"->"parallel port"->"LPT1″
Is there a way to divide x32bit data into 16bit data by MODEL1881, 1881XP ?

MODEL1881, 1881XP application software can divide file. Please refer the following for detail.

Please refer the following for detail.

  1. How to divide x32bit data(Japanese)
MODEL1881Does Minato stop to add new algorithm to support new IC on MODEL1881 ?

Sales and version up of MODEL 1881 was discontinued in August, 2002.
To add new algorithm for new IC, hardware of MODEL1881 must be modified to MODEL1881XP.

We offer new algorithm on MODEL 1881XP.

Windows Update does not run when MODEL1881, MDOEL1881XP software is used.

The issue was reported on Windows 2000 SP3,4/Windows NT SP6. Please reboot by safety mode and uninstall MODEL1881 and MODEL1881UXP software.

For further inf., please contact to

TEL: +81-45-592-5549 / E-mail: int-support@minato.co.jp

When the firmware version of MODEL1891 and MODEL1892 is upgraded, some of device code can not be found.

MODEL1891 and MODEL1892 is discontinued model. We still offer the version up. If it is upgraded to Ver. 4.33m or higher, Device code for Voo 25V, 21 is deleted.

Example: 2716, 2732, 2764

Please make a note of it.

May we know how to update the USB driver for the connection between M1895 and XPROM on PC ?

Please download the latest USB driver and follow the update instrution of USB.

  1. The latest USB driver DOWNLOAD
  2. USB driver update instruction (Jananese)

After updating the USB driver, please reconfirm the update by looking at file property version located at WINDOWS->System32->DRIVERS->”M1894 com.sys”

We are using XPROM and M1940, but targeted IC can not be displayed.

If the firmware of the gang programmer does not contain the targeted device, the version up of the firmware of the gang programmer is required. CSV file which is data base of device of XPROM must be also upgraded.

If the firmware of the gang programmer contains the targeted device, only CSV file must be upgraded.

  1. XPROM CSVzd File

CSV file is compressed in ZIP format After decompressing it, all csv files must be overwritten onXprom holder located at Program Files ->Minato > Xprom

Please let us know the caluculation method of checksum.

All of our gang programmer add up sum in 8 bit and the last four digits is displayed.
(In case of M1881/M1881XP, 8 digits is displayed.)

May we know the difference of H03-730 and H35-730 ?

H03-XXX is targeting for M1930, M1893 and M1931.

H35-xxxx is targeting for M1930, M1893, M1895 and M1940.

H05-xxx is targeting for M1940, M1895.

When MBM29LV800T is programmed, address was displayed only up to 7FFFF. Does this mean program was sucessfully made up to the end address ?

When word (x16 bit) programming is available, our programmer applies word programming to save time. Since MBM29LV800T can be programed in word, up to end address (all address in x 8 bits) is programmed even with 7FFFF is displayed.

The buffer memory of programmer is displayed in byte (x8bit)

May we know the way how to request new device support by add new algorithm ?

Please send us along with sample IC.

Please check with our staff our authorized distributor about new adaptor and new programmer that might be required to program new IC.

For detail, please check with our authorized distributor or.

TEL: +81-45-592-5549 / E-mail: int-support@minato.co.jp

The operation manual was lost. May I know how can I obtain new operation manual ?

Here is the download of the current mode. For other model, please contact to our authorized distributor or Minato. The hardcopy of operation manuals are not free. Operation manuals of some older models may not be availabe in English.

After version up of device programmer is completed, Hitachi and Mitsubishi can not be found in the list of manufacture (vendor).

Due to establishment of new company, the names ofMitsubishi and Hitachi are changed to Renesas(M) and Renesas(H) respectablly.

We use MODEL1881XP. May we know about software version up ?

Software of MODEL1881UXP can run on MODEL1881XP.
Therefore, version up is available.

Caution: MODEL 1881UXP can not run on MODEL 1881XP software(older version), but MODEL1881XP can not run of MODEL 1881UXP software.

We are using MODEL 1881. May we know if it can be modified to MODEL1881XP or MODEL1881UXP ?

It can be modified to MODEL1881UXP. However, the number of the modification is limited.
When modification kit is sold out, the modification service is discontinued.

May we know the difference between MODEL1881XP and MODEL1881UXP ?

Both utilize parallel interface.
MODEL1881UXP has USB interface port as hardware. However, USB driver is not available.

Can MODEL 1950 read data from SD card ?

By using conversion adaptor from SD to CF card (Panasonic BN-CSDABP3/P), MODEL1950 can read data from SD card.

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