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PH-MReel(Full Automatic)Discontinued product

PH-MReel which carries 2 MS-01 Serial Flash programmer is high performance system which can run programming, marking and taping devices such as Serial Flash ROM, EEPROM.


Taping function

  • Equipped with the Tape for evacuation (Out) separately from Tape for supply (IN)
  • Process the taping by thermo compression bonding with cover tape after program.
  • Process the taping by thermo compression bonding with cover tape after program.
  • Scissile the tape after programming as necessary.

Eliminate ROM programming operation error

  • could have programmed…by oversight….Eliminate the outflow of blank rom
  • Eliminate the NG due to bentness of lead caused by operator.
  • Eliminate the program error by master program download via LAN

Simplified Stamp Function

  • Identifiable ROM version of the device by automatic stamp to programed device



Target package
Buffer memory
Operation mode
USB2.0 SD card (for master-file transportation)
Socket adaptor
Special adaptor for MS-01
Temperature range
Power supply
Power consumption
85.5(W)x170(D)x60.5(H) / 660g


Target device SOIC、TSSOP…etc
Target tape
JIS C 0806-3:2010 Embossed carrier tape
(IEC 60286-3:2007 ANSI/EIA-481D-2008)
Target top cover tape Top cover tape with Heat-Fusible adhesives
Tap carrying method Carrier system Pulse motor and belt driven type
Manual operation Equipped with manual operation buttons on the supply side and storage side
Rom Carrying method Pulse motor(cam method) with rotary actuator
Jam rate Less then 1/1000
Without deformed tape and Caused by Roms
UPH 650pcs/hour (MAX)
Mark Dot marking
Measure for safety Emergency stop switch
Control PC FA personal computer
OS Microsoft Windows ™ 7 Professional SP1 (Japanese)
User interface Liquid crystal display, key board, mouse
Utility Power AC100V single phase 50/60Hz 200VA
Supplied cable IEC60320 – JIS C 8303 (Class I) 3m
Air 0.4〜0.5MPa 50L/Min.
plug 20PM
Others Paint color N9.5 half eggshell paint
Size 540(D)x1125(W)x970(H) mm without PC
Weight 80kg

Device Programmer