PRODUCT & SERVICE Device Programmer

In today's world where devices are becoming larger and more diversified, Minato's device programmers are highly reliable from major domestic and overseas device manufacturers due to the technology cultivated over many years of development, and have always been a leader in the programmer industry.

In addition to quickly responding to various needs from development applications to mass-produced programmers, we also respond to all customer requests with a full lineup of automatic programming systems (handlers).

Strong point

Abundant achievements

Almost 50 years have passed since the development of Japan's first device programmer in May 1973.

We have responded to various devices developed during this period.We have a track record of being adopted by various domestic and overseas customers, from device manufacturers to the development and mass production of consumer and industrial equipment.

High speed write

We are constantly developing new ROM writers to support new devices.

Therefore, it is possible to provide the industry's fastest write speed even for large-capacity memories such as eMMC and SSD.

Large capacity

The specifications of data to be written differ depending on the customer for the NAND devices used in devices such as smartphones and TVs, and the large-capacity memory such as eMMC.

We can write a large amount of data based on the specifications of each customer.

Device Programmer