PRODUCT & SERVICE Device Programmer


This software is to control a gang programmer in remote through PC. The control is accomplished by remote commands of gang programmer. Project file that consits of targeted devcie inf. data can be saved.


Applicable programmer MODEL1893/1895/1896/1930/1931/1940/1950
Applicable OS
※See here(Japanese) for Windows7.
Connection Method
Both RS232C interface and parallel interface (for the connection of M1893/1930/1931/1940)
USB Interface (for the connection of M1894/1895/1896/1950)
CD One piece
Major feature
  • To transfer programming data.
  • Execute programmer function (copy, verify, program, etc)
  • To set and display targeted device
  • Powerful edit function
  • Contact check
  • ID check (available on M1894/1895/1896/1950)
  • Project file

Device Programmer