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Product lineup

Auto Programming System

PH-M100A (Automated)

PH-M100A is a fully automated progarmming system that programm 8 sockets x 2 sites totaling16 sockets, equipped with 2 high-speed Gang Programmers MODEL 508PH.


PH-M2000S (Automated)

PH-M2000S is a fully automated programming system that program 8 sockets x 4 sites, totaling 32 sockets, equipped with 4 Gang Programmer MODEL508PH (8 sites).



PAL-2V is a 16 socket x 2 total 32 socket fully automated programming system equipped with two super high speed Gang Programmer "MODEL516". In addition, it is a model that allows visual inspection of IC devices and laser marking after programming.


Discontinued product


SH-1000 is a semi-automatic programming system that can be equipped with any one of the Gang Programmers "MODEL 1950", "MODEL 400 series", and "MODEL 500 series".


Device Programmer