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PH-M2000S (Automated)

PH-M Series

32 socket automated IC programming system with 4 high-speed device programmer MODEL 508PH.

PH-M2000S is a fully automated programming system that program 8 sockets x 4 sites, totaling 32 sockets, equipped with 4 Gang Programmer MODEL508PH (8 sites).
The integrated design of MODEL508PH and PH-M2000S enables all operations from the operation panel.



Equipped with four high-performance Gang Programmers MODEL 508PH developed for mounting on automatic machines. Supports from small capacity flash memory to large capacity memory such as eMMC and NAND.

eMMC dedicated socket unit

When using the socket unit for eMMC, 16 sockets x 4 sites, 64 sockets in total can be programmed simultaneously.

Tray Configuration

Available for holding 20 JEDEC trays . Available for continuous running of 20 trays maximally.

Equipped with double nozzle

The Pick & Place unit has a newly designed 2-axis specification and can carry two ICs at the same time.


High-performance CCD camara makes it easy for automatic fine tuning. Position of each IC device is corrected during automatic operation to ensure that the IC device can be correctly inserted into the socket.

Operating Screen

Program data, coordinate data and identification data are managed by batch into the task data. Japanese, English and Chinese are available in the software. Bar code is also available.


Device programmer

Device programmer MODEL508PH (8 socket) x 4 units
Interface USB3.0
Programmer buffer memory Standard 1024Gbit
Target IC device
eMMC, eSD, GB-NAND, MoviNAND, i-NAND, NAND, OneNAND, Flash built-in MCU, NOR, etc.
Operation Log Automatically save each lot in text format


Target IC package TSOP・SOP・BGA・QFP
Target socket adapter Open-top (OT socket adapter)
IC device handling
X, Y, Z, θ 4-axis 2-phase pulse motor + belt drive
X-axis minimum resolution: 4.5 μm/pulse
Y-axis minimum resolution: 4.3 μm/pulse
Z-axis minimum resolution: 5.4 μm/pulse
IC device handling capacity 1100 [UPH] UPH = Units per hour
*Excluding work sequences such as tray transfer
Coordinate data registration method
Manual method

X-Y, Theta coordinates: Visual setting with dedicated pad and dedicated jig
Z coordinate: Auto teaching

Fully automatic positioning method
Original system by image processing
Image inspection function
Automatic correction of IC device transport posture by CCD camera image processing.
Supply method
Tray loader method (standard)/tube (option/under development)/tape (option/under development)
Target tray: JEDEC (size: 315.8mm x 135.8mm for automatic transfer *Vacuum pick site is necessary in the center)/EIAJ
Number of storage 20 supplies, 20 storage, 1 defective storage, 3 empty tray buffers.
IC device marking
Room temperature curing type Shachihata TAT strong adhesion ink + Marking unit, supports dot marks and character marks.
Control Windows(R) 10
User interface
LCD panel (PLC monitor, PC), keyboard, mouse
Network compatible Ethernet
Model switching time
10 minutes or less *However, IC program data transfer time is not included.
Air supply
0.45Mpa-0.55Mpa 50l/min *Limited to dry air
Power supply ACIN :AC100V/AC220V 50/60Hz 15A
Can be changed according to the installation location.
Machine size/weight
(D) 920 x (W) 1880 x (H) x 1540 (mm) Approx. 800 kg
* Does not include protrusions, PC, or monitor.

Device Programmer